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Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Does not guarantee the sale/trade of any advertised vehicle.
Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Does not determine the advertised, negotiated, resale or collector value of any vehicle, take possession of, store, negotiate the sale/purchase or accept payment of any type on behalf of the owner/seller of any vehicle advertised.

Sleemans Classic cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Represents all Vehicles advertised as being sold by private owners in (as is) condition with no actual or implied guarantee or warranty by Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman.
All: vehicles, parts, supplies, deposits, payments, purchases, trades, swaps, repairs, adjustments, installations, 3rd party work, inspections, pickup, delivery and/or vehicle transportation is strictly between the buyer and seller and not Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman.

All: information regarding the condition, history, value, drivability and authenticity of a vehicle stated in the advertisements on Sleemansclassiccars.com, Automotive Magazine publications used by Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman, as well as search engines and classified advertising websites used by Sleemans Classic cars – Tim Sleeman, is provided Information by the seller of the vehicle and is not guaranteed to be accurate or truthful by Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman.

Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Is not responsible for any vehicle information errors, omissions or miss print advertising.
Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Does not advise, appraise, guarantee/warranty the stated history, condition, drivability, authenticity, purchase, resale or potential appreciation value of any vehicle advertised for sale or trade.
Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Always suggests or recommends a personal visual and/or a third party evaluation to all buyers prior to purchasing any vehicle.

Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman: 
Only provides financial and transportation resources to buyers and does not guarantee or warrantee any type or form of buyer funds and/or financial transactions or trade/swaps to the seller.

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Is not responsible or liable for any harassment, decimation, violence, violent act, loss, theft, damage, collision, burglary or vandalism resulting from advertising, buyer/seller meetings and negotiations, vehicle showing and test drives.

Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman States and Contends:
It is solely the responsibility of the owner/seller to:

  • Provide accurate and honest representation for any and all vehicles the owner/seller requests advertising services from Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman to the best of there ability including but not limited too ownership, authenticity, documentation, history, repairs/upgrades and vehicle modifications.
  • To determine and provide Sleemans Classic Cars – Tim Sleeman with a sale/firm price and/or best offer price for the advertisements.
  • To phone/speak with, answer questions, show and negotiate the sale or terms of the sale of the vehicle to potential buyers.
  • Confirm and validate all forms of non-refundable deposits, deposits, down payment, payment in full, payment plans, trades, swaps, compensations made to the seller before releasing the vehicle and title to the buyer.
  • Provide the buyer a vehicle and/or trade/swap Bill of Sale.
  • To comply with all State, Government, Country, taxes, importation, border, duty, title, ownership transfer and vehicle sale/trade regulations.
  • To provide the buyer with a true and accurate vehicle title (and document authorizing the ability to sell the vehicle in the event of owner death or part of an estate sale) signed appropriately or taken to the Secretary of States office/department and/or the like office for States other than Michigan for vehicle ownership and title transfer.
  • To remove the current license plate, any and all personal items and to cancel the vehicle insurance upon the completion of the sale and/or pickup or delivery of the vehicle.

Appraisals versus Pre-Purchase Inspections:
Appraisals should not be confused with a second type of evaluation process, the pre-purchase inspection; this concerns not a cars value, but its condition.
An inspector can tell you whether the frame is rusted, what kind of condition the engine is in, and whether all of the accessories function.
What an inspector cannot do is look into a crystal ball and determine if some component is about to fail; also, like the appraiser, the inspector cannot authenticate a vehicle, or determine mileage beyond a reasonable doubt.